Chaga Mushroom Powder


Often referred to as ‘the King of Mushrooms’, Chaga is one of the most potent and popular mushrooms in skincare. Chaga is renowned as one of the world’s richest sources of natural antioxidants.

How to Use:

Add 1 teaspoon of Chaga powder directly into your coffee, hot tea, smoothie or juice blend. Chaga is the perfect healthy addition to your morning coffee or prefered morning drink to give you an antioxidant kick start to the day. 

The subtle flavour of Chaga mushroom powder is also perfectly suited to savoury dishes. Add a dash of powder into your favourite stir-fry recipe or perhaps try a pinch in your go-to noodle dish or favourite pasta sauce. It is a fantastic addition to any curry paste or mixed into a hearty soup or broth. 

100% Chaga