Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Take Your Products If I’m On Medication?

We recommend talking with your healthcare practitioner for advice before making any dietary or lifestyle changes.

Can I Give Your Products To Children?

All of our products include ingredients that are organic and found nature, however some of the spices included in our Face Mud might be too stimulating for young skin. We recommend reviewing product information and speaking with a healthcare practitioner to check what is best for your child. 

Are Your Capsule Blends Suitable For Vegetarians And Vegan Diets?

Our capsules are vegetarian and vegan friendly, containing no animal based ingredients. The capsules that we use also contain no additives and are Kosher and Halal.

I Am Allergic To Mushrooms, Are Your Products Safe For Me To Consume or Use?

People that have allergies should not be consuming our mushroom based protects, or using our mushroom based skincare. We recommend your consult your doctor for further guidance before introducing lifestyle or dietary changes.

What Can I Return or Exchange?

You are able to return or exchange products under some circumstances, including if a product does not comply with a statutory guarantee contained in the Australian Consumer Law. Please refer to our Terms and Conditions on our website for further details.

We will accept returns and exchanges for unconsumed, unused, sealed products that are in a re-saleable condition if you change your mind about a purchase.

If you wish to return your product, please email and we will supply an address for you to return your unopened product(s) to us.

As our products are consumable, we are unable to accept returns of opened products (unless the product does not comply with a statutory guarantee contained in the Australian Consumer Law).

Please note that we must receive your returned product(s) within 30 days of your order together with a copy of your sales invoice/order confirmation. Please note that shipping a return is at your own cost and we are unable to refund your original order’s shipping cost.

How Should I Store My Products?

We recommend that you store your products in dry and cool storage that is away from direct sunlight such as a pantry or refrigerator. Our Miron jars provide protection from UV rays and sunlight but for added longevity we recommend also keeping the products at lowered temperatures. It is important to use a clean, dry spoon when using our products to make sure no additional moisture is introduced into the jar or bags. 

Can I Take the Mushroom Powders While Pregnant/Breastfeeding?

Some of our mushrooms contain detoxifying properties so as a safety precaution, we also recommend speaking with your healthcare practitioner before making any dietary or lifestyle changes.

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